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The Family Medicine Chest

Here is a list of useful medicines and dressings. All of these items are inexpensive and worth stocking in readiness for minor ailments.

They should be kept in a locked cupboard well out of reach of children.

Soluble aspirin tablets - For adults and older children. Good for headaches, sore throats and colds.

Paracetamol mixture - For relief of pain or fever in young children.

Cough linctus - for dry coughs.

Menthol drops - add to hot water to make steam inhalations for treatment of catarrh and dry or painful coughs.

Vapour rub - For steam inhalations. Useful for children with blocked noses or dry coughs.

Antiseptic Spray / Cream - For cleaning minor cuts and grazes.

Calamine lotion - for dabbing on insect bites, stings and sunburn.

Dressing strips (plasters) - for minor cuts.

Thermometer - For fevers.

The practice instructs you do not exceed the recommended dosage and to read all instructions carefully. Seek medical advice if symptoms do not improve.

Your local chemist can also give advice about medicines.

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